A Cappella Group “Unheard Voices” Brings Natives Together in North Carolina

mathias | October 6, 2011

Only a small fraction of Natives west of the Mississippi River are enrolled at the University of North Carolina, however, their a capella group Unheard Voices – which uses Native lyrics and folk music – grew from 6 to twelve members since additions were held Tuesday. It is a subgroup of Carolina Indian Circle, which [...]

Cherokee Language Immersion Booming

mathias | March 25, 2011

Emily Steele, editor-in-chief Den News recently wrote a column about the endangered status of Cherokee, how she found out about language loss through watching The Linguists (2008), and how fortunate she is Apple is helping Cherokee. Although Cherokee has 12,000-22,000 speakers, which is pretty healthy for a Native language (though the Eastern dialects are severely [...]

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