Social-Media Booms in Ways Valuable to Native Language Revitalization

mathias | October 8, 2011

Phil Cash Cash (Cayuse, Nez Perce), who is very active on the ILAT: Indigenous Languages & Technology mailing list, was recently interviewed by RisingVoices giving a statement that social-media is influential in helping Native languages. He mentions he encountered one of the last 20-25 speakers of Nez Perce on Google Talk, and conversed with him [...]

Multilingualism Good for Maximum Tweeting Power

mathias | April 8, 2011

You might have heard of Digital Natives, a jumbotron on the Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge that broadcasts specially selected, user submitted tweets (with a soft spot for those of First Nation peoples), which like Indigenous Tweets, is using social-media to mass publish statements made by Natives. Translating or cross-examining both English and Native language tweets gives [...]

Dialectal Differences Apparent in Tweets

mathias | January 11, 2011

Digital language use varies not only by domain (hacker culture, chat room attendees, etc.), but also by geography, most easily observable on the popular social-media site Twitter, as verified by a recent study. Some conventions are orthographical, others correspond to dialect and cultures. For instance, in New York, normal ‘u’ (you) is often seen cutesy [...]

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