Tlingit Alphabet Flash Cards

mathias | July 29, 2011

It just became easier to learn the Northwest Native language Tlingit “tleeng iht” (one of the most phonemically complex languages in the world, famous for distinguishing between 20 k-like sounds and 6 ch-like sounds). The Sealaska Heritage Institute (which created the Dictionary of Tlingit) created about 50 alphabet flash cards digitally through Flash called “Let’s [...]

Global Recordings Network

mathias | January 6, 2011

When you talk or read about minority languages the question pops up: “what does it sound like”? Finding sound files for them can be a challenge; we’re taught there are 6,000-7,000 thousand world languages and 10,000 vernaculars, not including dead and undocumented languages. However, you can always depend on the Global Recordings Network, which aims [...]

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