SUNY Talk on How New York and Russian Indigenous Basilects Aren’t “Cool Enough”

mathias | April 24, 2011

On April 12th a talk on indigenous cultures and languages of Russia and in Western New York was held at Fredonia’s Dialogues on Diversity by SUNY, moderated by Cheryl John (director of the Native American Western Consortium). In Russia and North America, young indigenous people are performing the age old tradition of preferring acrolects (prestigious [...]

Language Teaching Gets Very Unique in 2011

mathias | March 17, 2011

Language teachers all over the globe are starting to get more creative with their curricula. One noteworthy example of this is the book Mangajin’s Basic Japanese Through Comics, which has students translating speech bubbles in order to get their beloved manga fix. While underrepresented, there has likewise been a surge of creativity in Native language [...]

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