Yup’ik and Inupiaq Healthy, but Other Alaskan Languages Need More Help

mathias | July 12, 2011

Many Alaskan languages have lots of help, from immersion schools and college degree programs for Yup’ik, to the University of Fairbanks’ Alaska Native Language Center and Alaska Native Language Archive with their recently updated map of Alaskan languages (with Native place names), to Guillaume Leduey and his work with Eyak. Professionals there, like associate professor [...]

Eyak Language Project Launches

mathias | January 3, 2011

Eyak (a Na-Dené language spoken in southcentral Alaska) received a lot of attention in academia and the media as a dying language when Michael E. Krauss (U of Alaska) wrote copiously of his interactions with the last elderly speaker and full blooded Eyak, Marie Smith Jones, who passed away in the beginning of 2008 at [...]

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