KBWG “Voices of Browning” – Blackfoot Language Radio

mathias | April 22, 2011

Radio programs in indigenous languages like Ma:lamalama for Hawaiians and various for the Navajo are definitely a great way for Native language learners to gain extra exposure to their tongues? Blackfoot just joined the bandwagon. The 6 year old 107.5 FM station just launched Blackfoot language classes on their airwaves. Darell Kipp leads a one [...]

Global Recordings Network

mathias | January 6, 2011

When you talk or read about minority languages the question pops up: “what does it sound like”? Finding sound files for them can be a challenge; we’re taught there are 6,000-7,000 thousand world languages and 10,000 vernaculars, not including dead and undocumented languages. However, you can always depend on the Global Recordings Network, which aims [...]

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