More Loss of Linguistic Diversity in the Americas than the Pacific, Australia, and Africa

mathias | March 4, 2011

Linguists claim 50-90% of the world’s languages will die by 2100, but are they being overly grim to attract more aid? According to National Geographic, a recent Index of Linguistic Diversity (ILD) by Terralingua founders David Harmon, and Jonathan Loh, calculated that the world has in fact experienced a 21% reduction in indigenous languages over [...]

Race for Native Language Technology

mathias | February 25, 2011

Around UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day (February 21, 2011), K. David Harrison, Director of Research of the Living Tongues Institute, which recently teamed up with National Geographic’s Enduring Voices project, recently pointed to the role of technology in helping endangered languages flourish in the digital age – like chatrooms for Cherokee, web browser for Inuktitut [...]

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