Dakota Wicohan Hopes for Dakota Language Learning Center

mathias | August 12, 2011

Only 8 speak Dakota well out of the 4,000 Dakota in Minnesota, who are from four federally recognized communities: Prairie Island, Lower Sioux, Upper Sioux and Shakopee, not to mention the unrecognized Mendota. However, more are learning thanks to the non-profit Dakota Wicohan (Way of Life). They’ve grown so much in teachers and learners since [...]

Dakota Wicohan Helping Dakota

mathias | July 19, 2011

For three ears now, the organization Dakota Wicohan (Way of Life) has been trying to save Dakota, making a great documentary on the subject: “Land of 10,000 Stories: Reviving the Dying Dakota Language”. They estimate there are less than a dozen native Dakota speaking youths Minnesota, but that will perhaps rise due to a day-camp [...]

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