Breath of Life Conference Helps Tubatulabal Start Revitalizing Language

mathias | July 15, 2011

Four members of the Tubatulabal tribe of California (Louise Miranda-Akers, Sherry Click, Betsy Johnson, and Donna Miranda-Begay) were given $12,100 by the Tule River Indian Reservation for airfare and hotel stay which allowed them to attend the Breath of Life Conference in Washington D.C., where they found research vital to helping them understand their history [...]

A Breath of Life for Natchez, Osage, and Otoe

mathias | June 6, 2011

Natchez, a Muskogean language of Louisiana, has been sleeping since the last two fluent speakers, Watt Sam and Nancy Raven, died in the 1930s. Today, only 6 of 10,000 enrolled Natchez can speak it, now located in Oklahoma. Fortunately, Breath of Life, a joint project of the University of Texas, Arlington and the University of [...]

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