South Dakota Counties no Longer Required to Provide Formal Language Assistance to Monolingual Lakota Voters

mathias | October 18, 2011

In 2002, 18 counties in South Dakota were required to provide bilingual voting materials in English and Lakota, i.e. written material, ballot machine reprogramming and onsite interpreters. In 2010, $2,400 was spent on those resources. However, the number of Lakota speakers who are not skilled in English (or at least, do not have a friend [...]

Inupiaq Rosetta Stone Software

mathias | January 20, 2011

Shortly after finishing their Navajo Rosetta Stone software (and numerous software for Native languages in the past: Mohawk, Inuktitut, Chitimacha), Anchorage News reported the Rosetta Stone (Endangered Language Program) founded in 2004 is currently working on Inupiaq language learning software. Their strategy is to send people to record sound files, then a team of three [...]

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