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Sequoyah Schools of the Cherokee Nation extended full immersion classes to 6th graders and provided iPads and iPods to 7th and 8th graders as part of Sequoyah’s Technology Education Program (STEP). They’re using new technology in dynamic ways, consulting dictionary and vocabulary apps, taking reading comprehension quizzes, and creating video presentations. Reportedly, children are using the apps with their grandparents.

Supplementary, anyone can practice their Cherokee in a traditional context at the Cherokee Heritage Center’s Ancient Village, which is a reenactment of Cherokee life in the 1700s, located in Park Hill, Oklahoma. Tour guides fluent in Cherokee – J. D. Ross and Steven Daughtery – speak it daily, supported by a grant from the International Museum of Library Studies in Washington, D.C.

Ross…said he enjoys speaking Cherokee and teaching others the language but finds it unfortunate that not many Cherokee-speaking people visit the village…An introductory language tour is available at regular admission every Tuesday through Saturday at 1:30 p.m. For fluent Cherokee speakers and Cherokee language students, a complete and complimentary immersion tour can be reserved between Tuesday and Saturday. Tours are 30-45 minutes long.

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