Bemidji Expands Permanent Ojibwe Language Town Signs

A while ago, Shared Visions put Male and Female English-Ojibwe bathroom signs in various locales around Bemidji, Minnesota, where several Ojibwe communities are located. Now, permanent English-Ojibwe signs (translated by Anton Treuer, professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University) can be seen in hospitals, schools, parks, centers, and businesses.

Business owner Brian Larson had his business name translated into Ojibwe: Mezinibii’igaadegin Wenizhishingin (Amity Graphics). Noemi Aylesworth of the Cabin Coffeehouse, the first business to post Ojibwe/English signage, has headings on menus written in Ojibwe, such as Dekaagamingin (Cold Drinks), Gitigaanensan (Salads), and Gigizhebaa-wiisining (Breakfast).

According to Lakeland News, $10,000-$12,000 dollars will ensure bilingual signs are posted in every school around town, so far they have raised $1,000 due to grants.

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