Help Native Languages by Interning as a Linguist over the Summer for SAIVUS and/or VizLingo

The Society to Advance Indigenous Vernaculars of the United States (SAIVUS) is associated with VizLingo, a social-media company above Tumblr., which is creating the world’s first global visual language. Essentially, the program they’re inventing garnishes text with video clips, allowing word definitions (and entire worldviews) to be seen in conjunction with how they are written (and eventually, how they are spoken).

It is fully customizable, meaning users can submit their own clips and use clips submitted by other users. I describe it as a 1-2 sec. YouTube clip assigned per word or phrase. This technology will have an enormous impact on Sociolinguistics, Anthropological Linguistics, Dialectology, Language Pedagogy, Language Documentation, Language Revitalization, Semiotics, and many other branches of thought regarding language and culture. As any previous VizLingo intern can tell you, thinking of language as it relates to peoples’ environments as people perceives them visually will lead to revolutionary breakthroughs in Linguistic Theory.

Sure as linguists we visualize words and phrases in our head when seeing or hearing them in discourse, but VizLingo allows one to see every possible visualization of a word or phrase in a searchable database. A lot of questions that have boggled the linguist’s mind for decades (or even centuries) might just be cleared up by something like “oh, x expression caught on or remains as opposed to y expression in a given language because z situation is most commonly observed among that community of speakers.”

In other words, some – as far back as the 1800s – have conjectured that the majority of languages are subject-predicate because in nature we tend to notice the “doer of an action” before the “action being done”; that most languages are noun-attributive because we tend to notice the object before we notice its characteristics. This tool will allow one to carry torches like that to the Nth degree!

Anyway, VizLingo is offering an unpaid yet very prestigious and engaging internship to linguists and linguistic students interested in working over the summer (June 1st to August 31st) on location in New York City (right around the Empire State Building), that is, interested in devoting themselves to pioneering this groundbreaking new technology. Telecommuting is a possibility, but only for exceptional candidates, yet especially for those looking to help Native languages but cannot afford to relocate.

Check out our/their digital flier for details: Over the summer, SAIVUS will be concentrating heavily on getting its very longstanding Plains Indian Sign Language (PISL), Hawaiian, Dakota~Lakota, and Cherokee projects wrapped up.

According to the flier, just send your cover letter, resume and/or CV, and writing sample(s) if applicable to (if only interested in SAIVUS, then to If you have a blog, please repost this!

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