Cherokee Language Immersion Booming

Emily Steele, editor-in-chief Den News recently wrote a column about the endangered status of Cherokee, how she found out about language loss through watching The Linguists (2008), and how fortunate she is Apple is helping Cherokee. Although Cherokee has 12,000-22,000 speakers, which is pretty healthy for a Native language (though the Eastern dialects are severely endangered); less than 10% of the Cherokee population speak it. She also mentions a vital Cherokee language immersion program, the first of several listed here, and others mentioned in a recent post. A team of researchers (incl. Peter, Lizette, Tracy Hirata-Edds, and Brad Montgomery-Anderson) are currently publishing works on Cherokee and encouraging immersion.


   • Cherokee Head Start (Western Cherokee – enrolled members only)

   • Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History in Norman (Western Cherokee)

   • Tribal Child Care Center (Eastern Cherokee – enrolled members only)


   • Eastern Cherokee Immersion Classes (Eastern Cherokee)

   • The Mount Cherokee Culture & Spirituality (Eastern Cherokee)


   • Cherokee Department Courses at the University of Oklahoma (Western Cherokee)

   • Cherokee Classes at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) (Eastern Cherokee)

   • Cherokee Classes and Cherokee Studies at the University of Western Carolina – recently supported by a grant from the Cherokee Preservation Foundation (Eastern Cherokee)

   • Cherokee Language Education at Northeastern State University (Western Cherokee)

   • Cherokee Language Class at Rogers State University (Western Cherokee)

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