Horse Language

Reportedly, in addition to having Plains Indian Sign Language, various signals like smoke signals, mirror signals, drum beat codes, fire arrows, and so forth Plains Indians were very good at reading animal body language, particularly that of horses, which ties into differences in their treatment of horses than Western treatment. Take the workshop on this and add horse language to your Resume under Languages.

Horseman Phillip Whiteman Jr. a.k.a. Yellow Bird (Northern Cheyenne) ties this into the Medicine Wheel, a model for understanding the world through the four cardinal directions and colors that was often symbolized by man-made stone rings and trinkets (like Frank Hopkins’ necklace in Hidalgo (2004)). With his wife, Lynette Two Bulls (Oglala Lakota), they made a Medicine Wheel Model Certification program. The first Level I training was October 2010 in Rapid City, with 20 participants. The First Peoples Fund helped them trademark/copyright their concept with Cultural Capital and Artist in Business Leadership grants. The fund also enabled them to produce a DVD of their teaching model titled “The Medicine Wheel Model”. They are very accomplished and self-made teachers.

The next certification trainings are in Lame Deer, Montana on June 15th-16th, July 12th-14th, August 17th-19th, September 14th-16th.

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