Funds for Lakota Language Efforts Surge in 2011

Yesterday was the last day of January, a terrific month for Native languages, particularly Lakota. In a professional development effort to train more fluent, certified Lakota language teachers for more intensive immersion programs, both the University of South Dakota School of Education and the Sitting Bull College Education Department (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Fort Yates, ND) started offering a two-year BA in Lakota language teaching, after receiving $2.4 million in 4-year grants from the Department of Education. This will result in 30 new Lakota language teachers; 16 American Indian students at the USD and 14 at Sitting Bull College, who will receive $2,000 a month towards their tuition and cost of living. Organizations responsible are the Lakota Language Education Action Program (LLEAP) and the Lakota Language Consortium (LLC).

Other organizations are working hard to help Lakota in other ways:

Sinte Gleska (Spotted Tail) University, Rosebud Reservation, SD. Albert White Hat Sr., author of the popular Lakota language guide “Reading and Writing the Lakota Language” teaches there.

Oceti Wakan (non-profit) of Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. Lakota is very endangered on Pine Ridge.

Tusweca Tiospaye (non-profit) of Pine Ridge Reservation, SD. They are holding the 4th Annual Lakota Language Summit on November 11-13, 2011. They create Lakota teaching materials and childrens books, check out their Lakota word of the day.

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