Berenstain Bears in Lakota

mathias | August 25, 2011

The Lakota Language Consortium (LLC) spent about a year dubbing episodes of The Berenstain Bears in Lakota, translating the title as Mathó Waúnšila Thiwáhe (The Compassionate Bear Family), with LLC board member Ben Black Bear (Rosebud Lakota) as the voice of Papa Bear. You can catch preview screenings on: • September 7th at the Tribal [...]

Salish Teen Wins Gold FCCLA 2011 Medal for Salish Language Work

mathias | August 19, 2011

The number of native Salish speakers has declined by 3/4 in just 6 years, from 200 to 50! However, there’s a chance that number won’t dwindle to 0 thanks to high school senior Rose Bear Don’t Walk (Salish), who became the first St. Ignatius attendee to compete at the state FCCLA: Family Career and Community [...]

Lakota Language and Culture Activist Russell Means Diagnosed with Cancer

mathias | August 18, 2011

Send a link to this blog post or article to everyone you know who can pray for Russell Means (Oglala Sioux), an actor and former American Indian Movement leader that was diagnosed with esophageal cancer (spread to his tongue, lungs and lymph nodes), which is too advanced for surgery. However, he has decided to keep [...]

Dakota Wicohan Hopes for Dakota Language Learning Center

mathias | August 12, 2011

Only 8 speak Dakota well out of the 4,000 Dakota in Minnesota, who are from four federally recognized communities: Prairie Island, Lower Sioux, Upper Sioux and Shakopee, not to mention the unrecognized Mendota. However, more are learning thanks to the non-profit Dakota Wicohan (Way of Life). They’ve grown so much in teachers and learners since [...]

Cherokee Nation’s Teacher Enrichment Institute

mathias | August 9, 2011

Native Oklahoma Cherokee speaker Susie Thompson volunteers teaching Cherokee language, history and culture to 5th and 6th graders twice a week, after attending The Cherokee Nation’s Teacher Enrichment Institute, a free enrichment program that helps participants refine their teaching prowess.

Revitalizing Tunica

mathias | August 8, 2011

The language isolate Tunica (a.k.a. Tonica, Yuron) has been extinct in Central Louisiana for over 60 years, but has the potential for revival thanks to a variety of old recordings, as well as the efforts of renowned Native language linguist Mary Haas (1910 – 1996), who worked with the last speaker, Sesostrie Youchigant, to publish [...]

Bemidji Expands Permanent Ojibwe Language Town Signs

mathias | August 3, 2011

A while ago, Shared Visions put Male and Female English-Ojibwe bathroom signs in various locales around Bemidji, Minnesota, where several Ojibwe communities are located. Now, permanent English-Ojibwe signs (translated by Anton Treuer, professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University) can be seen in hospitals, schools, parks, centers, and businesses. Business owner Brian Larson had his [...]

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