Standing Rock Lakota Teachers Trained by the LLC in SIL at Sitting Bull College

mathias | June 30, 2011

70 educators recently participated in a three week Lakota Summer Institute in Linguistics geared toward training new teachers of various levels of proficiency, on account that current instructors are on the verge of retirement after 2-3 decades of teaching. Since 2000, the number of Lakota speakers at Standing Rock has remained a constant 125 or [...]

Ojibwe Language Camp in Sawyer, MN

mathias | June 30, 2011

There was a good Ojibwe language camp called Nagaajiwanaang in Sawyer, Minnesota June 24th – June 26th, 2011, that featured seven fluent Ojibwe speakers, Ojibwe language only zones, and traditional craft making.

Ojibwe Rap

mathias | June 22, 2011

Here’s a rare chance to hear rapping in Ojibwe, by Tall Paul (Paul Wenell Jr.) at 1:00 minute in:

Squamish Dictionary Published

mathias | June 20, 2011

Squamish (a.k.a. Skwxwú7mesh), traditionally spoken in the Northwest Coast, has only about 10 elder speakers remaining out of 3,300 tribal members. After 18 years of work by a small team of Native linguists led by editor-in-chief Dr. Peter Jacobs, the first ever Squamish Dictionary was published containing around 8,000 entries from 32 contributors. It is [...]

Aboriginal Leaders Believe Inuit Immersion Schools Will Boost Performance

mathias | June 17, 2011

In an attempt to get Inuit graduation rates higher than 25%, following two years of research by aboriginal leaders like Mary Simon – head of Canada’s national Inuit group – are fighting for Inuit language immersion schools. She points to a 2008 United Nations panel that early Native language instruction was the greatest prediction of [...]

Blackfoot Language “Thunder Radio”

mathias | June 14, 2011

The Browning, MT Blackfoot radio station “Thunder Radio”, or in Blackfoot: Ksistsikam ayikinaan (voice from nowhere), has become wildly popular since it premiered November 20, 2010 from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. So far, their weekday hours have been extended from 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM. Linguist Darell R. Kipp a.k.a. Apiniokio Peta (Morning Eagle) [...]

Plenty of Native Language Events Left for June

mathias | June 14, 2011

One of, if not the, largest Native language events over the summer is the National Native Language Revitalization Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 22, 2011, which is coordinated by Cultural Survival and the National Alliance to Save Native Languages. Otherwise, The Institute to Teach, Revitalize Indigenous Languages at the University of Arizona has a [...]

National Museum of the American Indian Summer Events

mathias | June 13, 2011

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Siletz Tribe of Oregon are being hosted this summer by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. in a series of festivals that celebrate American Indian music, culture, food and art. This year, their annual Living Earth Festival coincides with their Conversations with the Earth: [...]

Youngsters Learn Some Hul’qumi’num, Choctaw

mathias | June 8, 2011

This year, Beecher Bay (a.k.a. Scia’new) First Nation great grandmother Lee Charles started teaching Hul’qumi’num (a Coast Salish language) to 4th and 5th graders at Hans Helgesen Elementary School in British Columbia to non-Native and Native students alike (including her granddaughter, Danielle Charles-Horne). Charles was first asked to teach by Principal Julia Sahota. Though non-Native, [...]

Saginaw Chippewa Rock Carvings Need Saved in Michigan

mathias | June 7, 2011

The only known site of indigenous sandstone rock carvings in Michigan – the Sanilac Petroglyphs – which were possibly made by the Anishinabek in that region several centuries prior – are poorly protected from the elements and people carving their initials next to them after “The Great Thumb Fire” of 1881 burned up the grass [...]

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