Samoan Language Week Starts Today, June 01, 2011 (New Zealand Time)

mathias | May 31, 2011

Samoan Language Week kicks off in New Zealand (Where Samoan is the third most commonly spoken language) at Wellington East Girls’ College, right on on Samoan Independence Day. O fanau a tagata e fafaga i upu, a o fanau a manu e fafaga i fugalaau. The young of birds are fed with the blossoms of [...]

Hawaiian Immersion Program in Washington

Richard Littauer | May 31, 2011

Several Hawaiian educators recently traveled to Washington to talk to the US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. Specifically, they were talking about the success and worth of immersion programs in native languages. “These languages are crucial to Native American literature, ceremonial life, spirituality, kinship practices, and overall indigenous identity,” said Namaka Rawlins, a liaison from [...]

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