Youngsters Learn Some Hul’qumi’num, Choctaw

mathias | June 8, 2011

This year, Beecher Bay (a.k.a. Scia’new) First Nation great grandmother Lee Charles started teaching Hul’qumi’num (a Coast Salish language) to 4th and 5th graders at Hans Helgesen Elementary School in British Columbia to non-Native and Native students alike (including her granddaughter, Danielle Charles-Horne). Charles was first asked to teach by Principal Julia Sahota. Though non-Native, [...]

Salish Gets Improved Dictionary

mathias | January 16, 2011

The Northwest Coast Native language Nkwusm (Salishan) got over 4,000 copies of the second edition of the “Selis nyo?nuntn: Medicine for the Salish Language” dictionary, for reference use in their immersion schools in Arlee. Executive director Tachini Pete is the editor, and has studied this language for 16 years. Improvements include new and updated entries, [...]

Native Language iPhone Apps

Richard Littauer | January 7, 2011

Two new applications for Sencoten and Halq’emeylem are available for iPhones and iPads. Senconten, also called Saanich, is spoken on Vancouver Island by around 15 people, while Halq’emeylem, also called Halkomelem, is spoken by around 225 in Fraser Valley, both in British Columbia. They are part of the larger Salish language group, spoken in both [...]

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