UPS Gives 150k to American Indian College Fund

mathias | January 6, 2012

The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company has given lots of money to Native language efforts via their American Indian College Fund donations, recently, UPS has done the same, awarding the fund 150k!

Recap of Native Language News Highlights

mathias | January 4, 2012

“Indian Country Today” published an article toward the end of 2011 recapping highlights in Native language news over the past year. SAIVUS reported on nearly all of them: • Ojibwe • Lakota • Squamish • Wampanoag • Cherokee • Inuktitut

Twin Cities Public Television Awarded Upper Midwest Emmy for Native Language Documentary “First Speakers”

mathias | October 26, 2011

On Sunday, September 25th, 2011, Twin Cities Public Television was awarded and Upper Midwest Emmy – having received 26 nominations in 20 categories – for Eugene Stillday’s (Ojibwe) Native language documentary “First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language, narrated by writer, Louise Erdric (Ojibwe). The project was funded through Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment and follows Anton Treuer [...]

Google Maps in Cherokee

mathias | October 21, 2011

The Cherokee Nation language technology group has created Google Maps in Cherokee, which is currently in testing stages. So far, they’ve translated local place names around Tahlequah as well as some state hotspots, and are planning to include different countries.

South Dakota Counties no Longer Required to Provide Formal Language Assistance to Monolingual Lakota Voters

mathias | October 18, 2011

In 2002, 18 counties in South Dakota were required to provide bilingual voting materials in English and Lakota, i.e. written material, ballot machine reprogramming and onsite interpreters. In 2010, $2,400 was spent on those resources. However, the number of Lakota speakers who are not skilled in English (or at least, do not have a friend [...]

Fiction Writer Moves 1,100 Miles to Learn Ponca for Her Book Series

mathias | October 12, 2011

Barbara Salvatore Klopping – who for the past 8 years has been writing a fiction book on a Ponca woman entitled “Big Horse Woman” – moved over 1,000 miles from New York to Lincoln, Nebraska with her husband and children primarily to enroll in Omaha Language I at the University of Nebraska, to ensure she [...]

Social-Media Booms in Ways Valuable to Native Language Revitalization

mathias | October 8, 2011

Phil Cash Cash (Cayuse, Nez Perce), who is very active on the ILAT: Indigenous Languages & Technology mailing list, was recently interviewed by RisingVoices giving a statement that social-media is influential in helping Native languages. He mentions he encountered one of the last 20-25 speakers of Nez Perce on Google Talk, and conversed with him [...]

Northern Utes, Southern Utes and Ute Mountain Utes Hope for Greater Revitalization Efforts

mathias | October 7, 2011

Ich nuu’apag’apü uruskwa’èi. The Ute language is disappearing. …especially among the Southern Utes, where a handful of people can understand a little bit, but only a dozen or so speak it natively. Ute Mountain Utes – situated in an area with fewer non-Ute landowners – have more speakers, but even they number fewer than 525/2,100. [...]

A Cappella Group “Unheard Voices” Brings Natives Together in North Carolina

mathias | October 6, 2011

Only a small fraction of Natives west of the Mississippi River are enrolled at the University of North Carolina, however, their a capella group Unheard Voices – which uses Native lyrics and folk music – grew from 6 to twelve members since additions were held Tuesday. It is a subgroup of Carolina Indian Circle, which [...]

FaveQuest Creates First Inuktitut App

mathias | October 4, 2011

FaveQuest gave its calendar app Inuktitut language support by working with a native speaker recommended by The Canada Council for the Arts. The making of the app was a technological that required them to override the phone’s default settings (which don’t accommodate Native languages) and enable character support for the Inuktitut syllabary. Such can be [...]

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